The Golden Years: What You Should Know About Senior Pet Care

The Golden Years: What You Should Know About Senior Pet Care

It may feel like just the other day when you welcomed your precious pet into your family. But as the years go by, our beloved furry companions enter a new phase of their lives – their golden years. At Rainier West Veterinary Hospital, we provide senior pet services to support you and your pet during this challenging stage, ensuring these years are as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.  

Common Senior Pet Health Considerations

As the years go by, our furry friends often experience health problems. These may include age-related conditions such as arthritis, dental disease, vision or hearing loss, cognitive decline, weight gain, and an increased risk of certain diseases like cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, and kidney disease. 

Regular veterinary check-ups, tailored nutrition, exercise, and preventive care can help address and manage many concerns, ensuring your senior dogs or cats enjoy a comfortable and healthy life.

What Is Involved In Senior Pet Care?

Here is a look at some of the services we offer to our senior pet patients: 

Regular Wellness Exams: Pets age faster than humans and are often considered senior at around age 7. Most senior pets require wellness exams twice a year, while others may require more frequent care. Our goal is to uncover and treat any age-related health concerns in their earliest stages to keep your pet as healthy as possible for as long as possible. 

Chronic Disease Management: Managing chronic diseases is an essential aspect of senior pet care. Our veterinary team will monitor your furry friend’s health and prescribe necessary medications to address chronic health concerns. Remember – the earlier a chronic condition is treated, the better the outcomes, so make sure to keep up with your pet’s regular wellness exams. 

Nutritional Needs: As the years go by and your furry companion becomes a senior, nutrition is often a concern. Dr. Doyle may recommend dietary changes to address health conditions, mobility, or obesity. Older pets often require a reduced-calorie diet to meet their energy needs while managing their weight. They may need supplements like glucosamine and DHA or EPA to promote joint health. We may also recommend prescription diets to address specific health concerns. 

Dental Care: Senior pets are often prone to developing dental problems. Regular dental check-ups will address any dental issues as they arise, ensuring your pet maintains healthy teeth and gums.

Pain Management: Pain management is often an essential aspect of your senior pet’s care. We aim to reduce pain levels from arthritis or chronic health conditions, increase comfort, enhance mobility, and ensure your pet leads a happy, fulfilling life. 

What Is Involved in End-of-Life Care?

At Rainier West Veterinary Hospital, we understand the challenges pet parents and their furry companions face in the end stages of life. Our team offers compassionate end-of-life care to help make your pet’s final days as comfortable and dignified as possible. 

Here are some of the services we offer to support your beloved pet during this stage of life: 

Pet Hospice: Hospice care, often referred to as palliative care, aims to minimize pain and distress in senior pets suffering from terminal illnesses. Dr. Doyle and her team will support you and help you ensure your cat or dog’s final days are as comfortable and peaceful as possible. 

Putting Your Pet to Rest: Putting your beloved pet to rest is a difficult decision pet parents must sometimes make. But it is often the humane choice to end incurable pain and suffering. Our compassionate team will discuss your different options and make recommendations with your pet’s interests at heart. 

Senior Pet Care Near Me in Lacey, WA

Dr. Doyle and her team at Rainier West Veterinary Hospital are committed to providing our senior patients with the highest quality care and service. We are always happy to offer tips on caring for your aging pet. Together, we can ensure your furry companion enjoys the best possible quality of life. We invite you to contact our office at (360) 339-8262 to schedule your pet’s appointment or request one online today!